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Webflip.Exchange is the marketplace where entrepreneurs offer their websites for sale to interested buyers or sell shares to interested investors.

Discover the thrill of owning your own online business or take an established business to the next level.

Have questions about selling your small business orInvestments in or buying a website? Browse our frequently asked questions below.

FAQ For Investors and Buyers

webflip Exchange is full service independant marketplace where entrepreneurs offer their ecommerce websites for sale to interested buyers.

this can bethe full website of shares.

On Exchange you can find businesses that are ready to make their first sale or choose from more established ones.

Thousands of buyers have successfully purchased a new business through Exchange. We offer many features that help protect buyers, making Exchange one of the most secure and seamless marketplaces to buy a business online.

If a seller hasn’t responded to your inquiry, it could be because they have many interested buyers, or are already in the process of selling to someone else. It can be frustrating, Exchange will ensure that if a seller is non-responsive their listing will be removed.

We recommend you continue messaging other sellers and frequently check for new listings.

Yes ! Exchange will charge a small fee for the transactions , this is how we can keep the service and site afloat.

When a website owner decides to put their website dor other digitl asset on the Exchange they have added all the googleanalytics codes and other tracking codes.

This allows Webflip.Exchange to automatically calculate traffic data for the seller. Sellers can not modify these numbers.

Yes. After making the deposit, the buyer has access to all the property’s metrics. If after carrying out your analysis you decide not to proceed with the purchase, the deposit will be refunded.

If you decide to buy the property the value of the deposit will be deducted from the total value of the property.

FAQ For Sellers

If you’d like to sell your business on Exchange contact is directly on the following email. support@webflip.exchange

The process is easy and fast.

There is no limited to the amount of listings can be featured on Exchange at a time. The sites that are featured are rotated often in order to give sellers with quality listings exposure to the thousands of buyers who use Webflip Exchange each day.

Featured listings are chosen by a tool that automatically selects top listings to be promoted.

The Webflip.Exchange’s valuation process recommends a selling price by taking into account a number of factors, including your store’s lifetime revenue, traffic, and other features like social media followers or email subscribers.

the monthly numbers are then multiplied by an average 36 ( 3 years) to determine the true value of the busines in its current state.